Hedge Accounting &
Pricing Algorithm Solutions

Hedgeblue supports treasuries with their risk management decision-making processes using advanced algorithms, and helps financial reporting teams track their hedge accounting setups

About Us

Hedgeblue is a software and analytics consulting company that focuses on providing solutions to corporates and financial institutions in:

  • Hedge Accounting
  • Market Risk Management
  • Pricing of Financial Instruments

Our platform allows clients to track their economic hedges and hedge accounting relationships easily and intuitively.

Clients are able to observe changes in their economic hedges, and detect any deviation in hedge effectiveness as frequently as they like. Additional features include simulations and scenario analyses .

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Happy Clients trust us with their hedge accounting and pricing


Portfolio size subjected to Hedge Accounting


Years of experience in quantitative finance, at academic and industry level


We can help your company with:

Hedge Accounting          

Minimise P&L volatility to make full use of existing economic hedges

Advanced Hedge Analytics

Track performance of your economic hedges, along with simulation and scenario analysis features

Price Discovery                 

Get pre-trade pricing support to make informed hedging decisions and reduce costs 

Professional Training        

Learn hedging from our team who has both academic and industry experience in quantitative finance and risk management


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